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About the Purple-Crested Turaco (Tauraco porphyreolopha)

Updated: Sep 15, 2020


Turacos are beautiful birds. One specifically special to us is the purple-crested turaco. This bird is not only special to us because of its beautiful looks, and stunning aesthetics, but also because it is the national bird of Eswatini(Swaziland). The reason why we have chosen the purple-crested turaco as our symbol is that it has been sighted many times on the farm in Swaziland where our essential oils are grown and produced.

Stunning to look at, the bird has a variety of bright colours splashed all over its body. On its little head, it has some upright feathers giving it a little hairstyle, all in a bright purple colour. Around its eyes, it has a deep green that stares right at you, with its orange outlines. The neck, chest and upper back have a washed-out green colour flowing down its body, where it fades into a dark blue further down its long feathers. When the purple-crested turaco has set flight, its big bright red feathers are visible and suddenly it looks like it is built for speed.


Purple-crested Turaco flying with red feathers
Purple-crested Turaco Flying


The Turaco can be found from Uganda through Tanzania, all the way to the eastern parts of Southern Africa. It usually abides in closed woodlands and coastal forests. It is no surprise they are so bright, due to the fact that they are Eswatini's national bird.



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